Lum-neh Angela - Steer Analytics

Angela Lum-neh – Steer Analytics


1- Présentation du projet:

Steer Analytics is a “Data Science as a Service” startup that provides organisations with data analytics and Machine learning solutions aimed at automating business processes to improve performance and profitability. Our services include developing custom data science tools tailored to different industries, implementing data strategy and data science training for companies.

« Our flagship product is a credit scoring platform that uses modern data analysis techniques and customer data to enable microfinance institutions to efficiently and quickly determine the creditworthiness of customers. »


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3- Les besoins:

Nos perspectives pour l’année 2021 sont: 

  • Acquire and retain new customers
  • Build a small high-performing team (hire a business developer and salesperson)
  • Improve on technical expertise
  • Create visibility of the startup in Cameroon and Africa


4- En savoir plus:

5- A propos de l’entrepreneure:

Lum-neh Angela is the founder and Data Scientist at Steer Analytics. Angela has 2 years of experience working as a data scientist and has worked on data science solutions for the
banking and agricultural sectors. She previously founded Opportunity Space – a scholarship matching mobile application connecting students to scholarship opportunities. She is
passionate about technology and entrepreneurship which she believes are some of the greatest tools to drive Africa’s growth. With her career goal being a leading woman in data science and entrepreneurship in Africa, Angela’s vision is to enable organizations in Cameroon, and Africa to adopt data-driven innovations.


Angela Lumneh - Steer Analytics - WETECH WILE


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