Stephanie Kingue - Dwelner

Stephanie Kingue – Dwelner

1- About the Project:

Housing finance is still an unknown topic in Africa, whereas it is a sector that is worth 10 Billion USD in Africa. Dwelner is an innovative FinTech firm that helps individuals to easily get funds for their home finance.
Dwelner connects financial institutions to identifiable mortgage applicants. Dwelner platform provides easy access to authenticated and accurate mortgage information to workers and ensures them access to mortgage loans through digital housing finance.


2- Images of the Project:




3- The Needs:

  • Be the leading Mortgage SaaS in Ghana and Cameroon
  • Processing 100+ mortgage applications annually on our platform
  • Build a reputable brand changing the African narrative on mortgage delivery
  • Expand to new markets Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda by 2024
  • Significantly contribute to socio-economic growth and improve the living of 100,000 families by 2025


4- For more Info:

Stephanie Kingue is a young woman who sees the world as an amazing opportunity to put her God-given talents and creativity to work so as to impact communities around her.

She holds a Master’s degree in Engineering, a Mini-MBA from a Silicon Valley Institution, and is also an alumni of many organizations such as WomEng (sponsored by the Royal Academy, Uk); Tech-London Advocate; Cameroon Leadership Academy.




To learn more or support the « Dwelner » project, kindly contact them directly or write to WETECH by e-mail at contact@we-tech.org.