WETECH creates the chatbot “Sandra – CovidInfos237” to help Cameroonians to face the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Date de début: 13 April 2020   |   Date de fin: 13 July 2020   |   Temps: 10:30 am -
Localisation: Cameroun

Sandra is a Chatbot that our WETECH organization has set up to help the Cameroonian public to face the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

With Sandra, you can:

  • Take a quick diagnostic test (preventative)
  • Know local initiatives
  • Stay informed of the latest Covid-19 in Cameroon
  • Etc.

Our chatbot “Sandra – CovidInfos237” is available on our site (at the bottom of the page) or on Facebook Messenger here: http://m.me/covidinfos237 .